Business Unit

Regency KTV

2019-01-15 11:06:50

Regency KTV is the entertainment brand under emgrand group and the first KTV brand in York. After 6 years of operation, it has become a new K-song trendsetter in York. Every detail of Regency KTV from equipment, decoration, food, wine quality, to service pursues the highest standards of the industry, creating a fashion entertainment sensory feast.


Regency KTV has 8 private rooms of different sizes, each of which is elaborately designed and equipped with fantastic lighting effect and stereoscopic sofa, making you immersed in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, through the new entertainment technology and resource system integration, with advanced audio equipment, it provides you with more than 100,000 songs of the vast number of songs library.


Regency KTV provides audio-visual, music, party, food and other high-quality entertainment and enjoyment for people with excellent and high-quality humanized service, absolutely pure wine and classic delicious food.