About Us

The York based Regency Group was established in 2008 as an umbrella group covering interests in catering, entertainment, retail and e-commerce.

Over the last ten years The Regency Group has established a business structure that provides high quality catering and retail services. We offer traditional high street stores and efficient online shopping utilizing modern logistics and information management as complimentary routes to market. Our healthy core businesses, Regency Restaurant, Regency Food Court and Regency Supermarket continue to develop rapidly supported by Regency KTV, The Regency Online Shopping Mall and The Regency Intelligent Supermarket.

The Regency Group offers an expansive range of goods and services. Categories include fast moving consumables, durable goods, catering equipment and products for the entertainment industry.

We offer attractive customer loyalty and membership schemes.

Our partners benefit from services that include help with marketing resources, a management information system (MIS), Customer relationship management (CRM) as well as resource and supply chain management.

The Regency Group adhere to a policy of continuous improvement, we are particularly concerned with the quality and freshness of the products we source.

We have built an in depth knowledge of supply chains to and in the UK and the logistics involved. This understanding allows us develop and expand multiple routes to market both on and offline.

In 2019, The Regency Group are launching ‘Intelligent supermarkets’ across the UK supported by an online shopping mall.

This new membership based business offers both intelligent in-store and intuitive e-commerce shopping.

When the complimentary information gathered on and offline is analysed, we are able to optimize our customer experience.

This process is particularly helpful as we learn the different needs of our ethnic Chinese customers and our customers who are new to authentic Asian products.

We are also better able to engage and inform customers of all ethnicities about our Asian products across the UK.

Our aim is to deliver convenient, informative, fast and efficient retail for all.

The Regency Group has grown and we now have over 100 employees.  

We have become one of the most competitive, influential Chinese enterprise groups in the country.

We are committed to improving our high-quality professional services and our success is built upon one unwavering belief…

"Our customers are our essential long-term partners"

To ensure that we continue to better answer our customers’ needs we constantly invest and develop cutting edge technology.

Only by listening to, supporting and responding to the local communities that are The Regency Group’s core customers we will improve our existing offering, enjoy new opportunities and consolidate our leading position in the industry.