Talent Recruitment

Sales and Marketing Management

2019-01-26 23:54:02

Marketing Manager (full-time)


1. To prepare and oversee annual/quarterly/monthly and key promotional period marketing plans in accordance with the group’s      overall development plan. Including but not limited to, proposing, implementing specific plans.

2. In accordance with the company's strategic planning and development, formulate corresponding new media operation strategies. Be responsible for new media marketing. Plan, promote, publicize and maintain public relations including crisis management.

3. Design and continuously improve membership scheme. Be responsible for the overall operation of the membership mini program. Analyse store member data and maintain CRM. Develop MIS to keep track of membership, sales, orders and changes to daily/monthly transaction data. Provide data support and proposals for store operations, IT and product development.

4. Lead and guide marketing team to achieve monthly marketing KPIs

5. Investigate competitors and target market; collect information on relevant industries and products.



At least 5 years’ experience working in marketing for FMCG e-commerce or physical retail supermarket. This must include team management experience.